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Young Talent Academy is the McKinsey EMEA Shared Services Center’s response to the growing demand for a diverse and challenging internship program. Get in the driver seat and navigate your own career path by choosing one of the internship options available.

We are looking for motivated students who are ready to gain professional experience and want to work in an international environment of team players. Meet us in person and join our internship program at McKinsey!


Summer Internship

Have a summer break between your terms? Join us for an exciting internship! This 3-month experience is a great chance to put your skills into practice, to shape them and grow further. We will make sure that the experience you gain will get you better equipped for the upcoming academic year.

Work & Study

Combine your study schedule with flexible working hours! An intense 12-month internship program that starts each summer will let you gain valuable experience and insight into our Visual Graphics Department. You will work with McKinsey consultants (our internal clients) and learn how to create professional business presentations.

An internship is just the beginning. Meet some of our colleagues who decided to combine their studies with an internship at McKinsey EMEA Shared Services and took their careers to the next level.