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Why join us?

See what awaits you
as a colleague
of McKinsey & Company

As a firm we care strongly about our employees' development and personal growth. By joining us, you will embark on a clearly defined learning journey.

Make your own McKinsey - A central part of our philosophy is ensuring that our talented people are presented with opportunities and challenges that strengthen their skills and passions. From day one, you will be encouraged to integrate your interests into your work. We foster an environment where you can build on your best qualities and shape a path that suits your expertise and interests.

Training -  The learning plans include formal training that starts with an onboarding program and continues with workshops for specific roles. Every employee also has access to an internal learning portal offering a wide range of self-paced online tutorials. All our training programs are designed to make you successful in your role and to help you develop your skills, your relationships, your confidence, and your future.

Coaching - In your first few weeks, you are sure to have many questions about how things work at McKinsey. We provide each new employee with a buddy and a coach to help them get settled in - and off to a successful start. They provide advice, share their own experiences, and help to organize any additional needed training. Your buddy and coach will also give you frequent feedback to support your development. 

Learning new tools - Because our work is complex and we collaborate long-distance with colleagues, we often use advanced digital tools provided by our firm. As a result, our employees have the opportunity to work with exciting, state-of-the-art technology and to contribute to improving and developing it.