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What we do

Every day we prove it is possible to build lasting working relationships and have measurable impact while working from a distance.

 From recruiting administrators shepherding the next generation to McKinsey to business presentation specialists creating visuals for our consultants or assistance professionals supporting their colleagues with complex logistics, McKinsey offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, impact, and collaboration.

Assistant Services

As assistants we provide high quality support for McKinsey's consultants across the world, from managing calendars and scheduling complex meetings to proactively resolving any obstacles our consultants might encounter. We work in strong, positive teams and cooperate with each other at every step.


Managing calendars, scheduling meetings, planning travel, organizing calls, sending e-mails, making calls, completing forms and applications

Meet Stefania, one of our Executive Asstistants

Working as an assistant will build your skills in:

  • Time management

  • Intercultural collaboration

  • Communications

Jobs in Assistant Services

Business Administration and Coordination

Practice operations administrators and coordinators support McKinsey's consulting practices, which focus on specific industries or functions. Each of us has a unique set of tasks for which we are responsible.


Our tasks comprise of areas such as communications (managing various databases and IT tools to ensure proper knowledge dissemination; supporting the team by updating and sharing articles, newsletters and client cases; managing the team’s busy meeting calendar) and event management (choosing venues, coordinating logistics, overlooking the registration process, providing on-site support)

Meet Michał from the Practice Operations Support Team

Members of the Practice Operations Support Team develop:

  • Ownership

  • Data analysis skills

  • Event management

Jobs in Business Admin & Coordination

Finance and Reporting

The Finance department handles a broad variety of accounting and controlling tasks. As a team we are responsible for ensuring compliance with McKinsey, country, and office-specific accounting regulations and policies.


Timesheet and expense management, GL journal entries, fixed assets management, posting of AP invoices, VAT compliance and account reconciliation, as well as project financial controlling.

The Global Reporting Team (GRT) provides high-quality financial planning and analysis support to our internal clients globally.


Financial reporting, financial analysis, performance management support (scorecards, etc.), ad hoc analyses, annual planning support, and accounting support

Meet Loris from the Global Reporting Team

As a member of our Finance department and Global Reporting team you can perfect your skills in:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Problem solving

  • Interpreting financial data and maintaining databases; delivering work of exceptional quality under tight deadlines

Jobs in Finance and Reporting

Human Resources

Human Resources Administrators are a dedicated team of enthusiastic, multilingual, open-minded professionals. We work closely with McKinsey's offices in the EMEA region to provide broad administrative support. Our goal is to provide the best possible service – based on creativity, collaboration, and trust.


Enrolling new employees; managing and updating employee data; organizing insurance coverage, travel visas, and credit cards; maintaining and terminating profiles

Meet Natalia from our Recruiting team

In Human Resources you can develop:

  • Creativity

  • Communication skills

  • End-to-end process management

Jobs in Human Resources

Research and Analytics

As researchers and analysts we help colleagues from various departments and other internal offices fill in gaps in their fact base and create a clear picture of issues and situations.


Data collection, data analysis, generating customized analytics and insights on highly specific issues (in Recruiting, Finance, Human Resources, Operations)

Meet Gabriela, our Research Analyst for the HR team

Our work develops and strengthens skills such as:

  • Independence and Initiative

  • Attention to detail

  • Critical thinking

Jobs in Research and Analytics

Visual Communication

Our Visual Graphics department is a team of creative, multilingual colleagues who support McKinsey consultants with slide-design and presentation services. We work on a variety of documents, from one-pagers and small decks for client meetings to posters for client workshops or extensive decks for final presentations.


Creating new slides from hard-drawn drafts, editing and enhancing existing PowerPoint presentations, and working with consultants to improve the visual presentation of information, proofreading documents to ensure that they meet quality standards, coordinating workflows, negotiating deadlines

Meet Justyna, our Visual Graphic Specialist

As a member of the Visual Graphics team, you will develop:

  • Creativity

  • Time management skills

  • Attention to detail

Jobs in Visual Communication