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“What really excites me is that McKinsey provides the perfect platform for growth!”


Visual Communications

Shift Manager

Sunil's story

How did your adventure with the McKinsey start and develop?

It was a personal decision to move to McKinsey's EMEA Shared Services in Poznań. It was quite exciting to move to another McKinsey location and work with colleagues from different cultures.

What responsibilities and challenges does your role involve?

My role involves managing day-to-day shift operations and team capacity. Rather than challenges, I see immense opportunity in shaping processes to align them with consultants' needs.  

What do like the most about working at EMEA Shared Services?

I enjoy the dynamic nature of my work and the collaboration with different Visual Communications teams to provide the best service to our consultants.

Can you share with us an interesting fact or observation about the local office and your role in it?

Moving to Poznań office already was a development path as I could explore and expand my learning boundaries in a different environment. Like other McKinsey offices EMEA Shared Services is a friendly place to work. The best thing that I see in practice here is empowering individuals to perform the responsibilities to their fullest potential.