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"My team makes my day! They are such great colleagues that it's fun to come to work."


Visual Communications Team Leader 

Olga's story

How did your adventure with McKinsey start and develop?

I started in McKinsey's office in Costa Rica as a business presentation specialist. From my initial training I saw the great cultural mix the firm has to offer, and I quickly appreciated the positive environment. After a year I was assigned to be a project coach supporting new joiners during and after their training. 

We often hear that growth opportunities are available and that it is up to us to develop our skills and take advantage of them. I found out that Visual Communications department was supporting German language slide production at the McKinsey EMEA Shared Services. I asked my managers about it, and a connection between both offices was made.

Soon afterwards I was able visit the office in Poznań as an efficiency coach to help the Visual Communications department assess and improve their productivity. This was a great experience, and it was nice to realize that locations may change but the same positive, supportive spirit is shared across offices.

What responsibilities and challenges does your role involve?

Since I became team leader, our team has been consistently growing. As team leader I am in charge of properly managing the people in our department to ensure smooth operations. This involves developing skills, acting as a coach, motivating and supporting colleagues, monitoring performance, giving feedback and evaluation, ensuring an appropriate flow of information, and participating in various projects.

My challenges have included building a team from almost the beginning, developing a communication flow between offices from different locations, supporting the team, the recruiting and training departments simultaneously, and delivering quality work to win trust among our consultants. At first the consultants were not used of not having their support in another country, but after some time they started to rely on us.

What do you like the most about working at McKinsey's EMEA Shared Services?

I enjoy a lot being able to share my knowledge, learn from others, and develop and motivate colleagues. My team makes my day! They are such great colleagues that it's fun to come to work.

Can you share an interesting fact or observation about the local office and your role in it?

I had the chance to be part of a project from the very beginning. It allowed me to interact with different stakeholders, get a feeling for how projects work, and learn some of the processes involved. When the project was completed, it was very rewarding to see something that I helped to build working well.

Keep growing and learning. I wanted to move to Europe and work here, and thanks to a combination of will, skill, and opportunity I was able to do so. I am also grateful that I had managers who supported me at every step.