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"I really love my job as it combines languages and creativity."


Visual Communications Specialist

Justyna's story

How did your adventure with McKinsey start and develop?

A colleague of mine recommended me for a job here after my studies. I remember that the recruiting team called me three times to invite me for the first interview. Once I twisted my ankle, so I couldn't come, then I went on holidays and I finally managed to come after the third call. 

I've been working for almost two years in the Visual Communications department as a Visual Communications specialist. I haven't changed my role yet because I think that's the right place for the time being. 

What responsibilities and challenges does your role involve?

In my day-to-day work I create business presentations for our German- and English-speaking consultants. You may think that sounds boring ... but it's definitely not! Every request is different. The most challenging factors in this role are tight deadlines, complex graphical tasks, and occasionally impatient consultants. 

I think that the biggest challenge I've faced here is taking care of new joiners. It's essential to teach them effectively so they can quickly stand on their own feet. It's a lot of responsibility, because they develop their working habits during this time.

What do you like the most about working at EMEA Shared Services?

The flexible working hours in our department, benefits, friendly atmosphere, and international environment. When it comes to my role, I like the fact that I can be as creative as you can only imagine!

Can you share an interesting fact or observation about the local office and your role in it?

I'm a part of a very interesting project called "Wall of Fame" - every two months we choose the best slides in two categories and display them. It's very inspiring for other Visual Communications colleagues! 

When it comes to my plans, I'm definitely going to stay here.