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"In the end, my team's success is also my success."


Senior Finance Team Leader

Anna's story

How did your adventure with McKinsey start and develop?

I had a financial background from my previous work and joined McKinsey's EMEA Shared Services as an AP accountant. I have always enjoyed coming up with new ideas and process improvements, so after 1.5 years I got a chance to lead the German AP team.

What responsibilities and challenges does your role involve?

My role involves coordinating the team's day-to-day work and representing the team to the German offices in a range of situations.

As a leader I also need to find the potential in each team member and help them grow. This is the most challenging and exciting part of my role. In the end, their success is also my success.

What do you like the most about working at EMEA Shared Services?

The people I work with and the fact that some of us have stayed for many years. It gives the sense of stability, even though my work is different every day and sometimes unpredictable. I also appreciate having a lot of freedom and independence in creating my role and leading the team. 

Can you share an interesting fact or observation about the local office and your role in it?

The fact that I can use German and English every day is great!