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"Even if you work in one department only, you can develop in various areas, and specialize in the thing that interests you the most."
Shift Leader

Aga's story

How did your adventure with McKinsey start and develop?

I worked as a German language teacher before joining McKinsey. At some point I was kind of tired of doing that and was looking for new challenges. I wanted a job that would give me some stability while still providing some day-to-day excitement one the other. I found McKinsey and have stayed at the firm for more than five years now. 

I joined McKinsey as a Visual Communications specialist. Very quickly I found request coordination interesting and started acting as a backup for the process leader until I joined the intake team and became a process leader myself. Right now I work as a shift leader in the Visual Communications department. 

What responsibilities and challenges does your role involve?

My role is all about balancing supply and demand and supporting the intake team in decision making. I also do the "firefighting" in our department, which means that whenever something goes wrong I am the first point of contact. This might be challenging sometimes, as the spectrum of problems varies from "I won't meet my deadline" or "I can't find the template for my request" to "our server crashed and hasn't worked for an hour" or "we have 20 unplanned absences today."

What do you like the most about working at EMEA Shared Services?

I love the open door policy, which means that you can ask everyone in the office for their help or opinion. Everybody is friendly and interested in new ideas. It’s fun to work with so many nice people, including many from different cultures. 

My role is very dynamic and this is why I like it so much. I have to stay up to date with almost everything happening in the department. It's sometimes stressful, but never boring. I also have the opportunity to work with many different people in different roles, and I find that very exciting. 

Can you share an interesting fact or observation about the local office and your role in it?

As a shift leader I got a wonderful opportunity to support the development of the Visual Communications department in Costa Rica… and I am going for one year to this beautiful country!