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Here are some tips and tricks on preparing for our recruiting process

Interview tips

  • Be on time, and if you are running late, let us know.  

  • Be prepared for questions such as "Give me an example of..." or "Tell me about a time when...". Interviewers will often follow up with "How?" and "Why?".

  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, think of an example of an accomplishment for each strength. For the weaknesses, think about specific situations where you’ve turned a weakness into a strength.

  • Take your time, relax. Don't feel rushed to respond to questions before having time to think them through. Ask your interviewer for a moment to think or to clarify anything you do not understand.

  • Ensure you take time to ask questions, get to know your interviewers, and get a feel for our work, our people, and our values.



Qualities we look for

While each role requires specific capabilities, a few characteristics play an an important role for everyone in our work environment.


We look for people who can develop and implement creative solutions in the face of challenging goals—and often diverse opinions, personalities, and backgrounds. Skills in interacting with people in sometimes tough situations are critical to making a real difference for our clients.


We look for people who possess the natural drive and fortitude to get things done and who thrive on achievement and helping others achieve their goals.

Problem solving skills

We look for people who can solve tough problems using not only strong intellectual capabilities and rigor but also good judgment and a healthy dose of practical sense.

Team spirit

We look for people who can foster effective teamwork in order to get things done and create positive change overall.

Drive for innovation

We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit—who are innovative by nature and always working to create new approaches, products, services, and technologies.