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Frequently asked questions

Career choices involve lots of questions. We've addressed some of the most common ones to help you through the application and interview process.

What is the EMEA Shared Service Center?

The EMEA Shared Service Center is a hub supporting a variety of McKinsey offices in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We currently offer support in Finance, HR, Visual Graphics and Assistant Services.

Do any of the roles include travelling?

The idea behind the EMEA Shared Service Center was to provide remote support to our consultants, which greatly reduces the need to travel. However, some roles require limited travel for training purposes. On occasion, colleagues have an opportunity to work from different locations. In general, the support is provided out of the Poznań office.

What is remote support and how does it work?

Remote support means that while we are physically located in Poznań, we provide support to colleagues across the EMEA region. Most communication occurs over e-mail, telephone, and video conferencing. Advances in technology continue to facilitate this type of work, making it a unique and rewarding experience.

Can I reapply?

We accept reapplications in circumstances where candidates believe that they have significantly improved their skill set and/or gained the necessary experience.

Will I get training after I start working in the EMEA Shared Service Center?

Yes, all new joiners go through an on-boarding program. A specific training program has been developed for each department, consisting of both technical and soft skills. The length and type of training will vary depending on requirements of the role.

Are all positions listed on this site still available?

Please contact us for more information on which positions are currently available.

What languages will I be able to use?

The EMEA Shared Service Center provides support to a wide range of offices in the EMEA region, so you will be able to use a variety of languages during your time here. McKinsey uses English globally, so English is a requirement for all employees. In addition, we continue to look for candidates with different language profiles to support certain offices. Please contact us to learn more.